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Minoair is AI powered platform to convert on-site Drone Images into 2D and 3D Maps and teams to work on minute details of Map for collaborative results.

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The 2D and 3D Maps developed using advanced photogrammetry empowers the work to facilitate on-site work management for better performance.

  • Quick and Easy:All the stakeholders are assured with ease and quick processing on the powerful platform
  • Visualize Accuracy: Use GCP and PPK to make highly accurate drone maps and visualize precise details in 3D
  • Accelerate Progress:Process work fast with AI in gaining critical insights and better decision making

Minoair Platform

A powerful yet simple cloud platform for drone data processing to perform close inspection, share with confidence, communicate with security via any browser

  • Image Processing Automation:Automate image processing with unique photogrammetry software
  • Collaborate work: Communicate and share meaningful data across organization on cloud
  • Secured:Keep the work on high security cloud and authorized access

PACE your work Follow 4 easy steps to experience difference with smart drone ecosystem


Collect on-site images using drone and upload on Minoair platform


Generate automatically 3D maps using advanced photogrammetry algorithms


Use 3D maps for better actionable insights to aid monitoring, progress, Visualization


Work collectively from any device, anywhere, at any phase over cloud


Export outputs in various formats to present your deliverables for further steps

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Minoair Edge

The integrated AI based platform to offer multiple solutions from 2D and 3D Maps to cloud collaboration

  • Orthophotography
  • Digital terrain modelling
  • 2.5D Digital Surface Modelling
  • 3D Point Clouds
  • 3D Textured Models
  • Slope Analysis
  • HillShade Analysis
  • Data Histogram
  • Elevation Contours
  • Ground Control Point Support
  • Easy to Use GCP Interface
  • Elevation Profile
  • Distance, Hight & Angle Measurements
  • Area & Volume Measurements
  • Data Sharing & Exporting
  • Data Sharing
  • Cut/Fill Analysis
  • Overburden Measurement
  • AI for Mining Industries
  • Progress Monitoring(Change Detection)

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